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RAA Director of Operations Jason Roach Named as Advisor of the Year

Mar. 2—Richmond Ambulance Authority’s (RAA) Director of Operations, Jason Roach, also the liaison and mentor to the University of Richmond EMS (UREMS) squad, was named Advisor of the Year by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF) at its conference in Philadelphia last weekend.

By day, Roach is responsible for overseeing RAA’s Field Operations Staff to ensure the consistent delivery of world-class EMS in the City of Richmond. All activities and duties with UREMS are conducted in his spare time and are performed outside of work hours. He has been the RAA Liaison and Advisor for the last eight years, during which his responsibilities included leadership growth, the development and improvement of clinical and organizational standards, and relationship building with other public safety agencies.

RAA Chief Executive Officer Chip Decker said, “UREMS has come a long way and has now matured as an emergency response organization in terms of clinical ability, credibility and visibility. Under Jason’s watchful eye, the U of R EMTs have received many accolades and national awards, including having a member recognized as National Provider of the Year in 2013, winning the National Basic Life Support Student Games in 2015 and being recognized as the Student Organization of the Year in 2016. Additionally UREMS led the effort to ensure that the University of Richmond became a Heart Safe Campus in 2015.”

The timing of the award coincides with UREMS’ 20th anniversary. UREMS Student President, Zach Anderson said, “All of the support that this program has received from the Richmond community, alumni, RAA, the University of Richmond and especially our mentor, Jason Roach, has allowed it to blossom into one of the best collegiate EMS programs in the country.”

Roach’s role as UREMS liaison, advisor, and above all, mentor, has had a profound effect on those who have served with him over the years. Upon hearing the news of Jason’s award, accolades have poured in from alumni.

Former UREMS President Harry Lambert (U of R Class of 2016) said, “Jason Roach has thoughtfully and carefully directed my path into EMS. Aside from working closely with me as president of UREMS, he gently nudged me to expand my own EMS involvement and, as I move toward medical school and a career in medicine, I recognize that Jason has played a significant role in my journey into EMS and medicine. I am enormously grateful to him for his time, patience and thoughtful advice."

U.S. Navy medical student Ensign Jared Ingersol (U of R Class of 2016), currently serving at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, said, “Jason was an important part of my personal and professional development as a healthcare provider. He encouraged me to seek positions within UREMS that gave me leadership experience. He also helped with my transition into joining an Advanced Life Support EMS system after graduation, allowing me wider exposure to medicine before medical school.”

Roach will formally receive the award at a ceremony to take place on the University of Richmond Campus.

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