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Acuity Link, Lyft Offering Medical Transportation for Healthcare Providers

Non-emergency medical transportation systems (NEMT) for hospitals and other medical care providers are expected to run more efficiently and provide expanded service options to patients thanks to a new partnership between Acuity Link and Lyft, the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S.

As part of the partnership, Acuity Link’s HIPAA-compliant NEMT logistic management dashboard will now support Lyft’s ride-hailing functionality. With the added capability of Lyft, Acuity Link’s software is an NEMT platform for all levels of care and modes of transportation, ranging from critical care ambulance transport to ambulatory patient transit—with Lyft as the final link to provide health care providers with ambulatory transportation solutions.

Patients being discharged from any health care provider who do not need special transportation accommodations will have the option to be discharged through the new service. Additionally, the integration of Lyft’s ridesharing network into the Acuity Link platform will allow medical care providers in any health care setting to schedule one-time or recurring non-emergency transportation for inbound or outbound patients.

By integrating Lyft into Acuity Link’s existing software, hospital and health care institutions staff or discharge clinicians can quickly and easily arrange medical transportation that meets the needs of these patients.

“Prior to Acuity Link, many ambulatory patient transports were performed through a taxi voucher system, which historically has been poorly serviced, inefficient, non-transparent and costly to all stakeholders,” said Alex Theoharidis, CEO of Acuity Link. “By adding Lyft ride share services to Acuity Link’s platform, we have become a true one-stop shop for non-emergency medical transportation, providing managed logistics for all modes of transportation into any health care setting.”

The combination of Lyft’s services into Acuity Link’s platform presents a versatile transportation software solution for medical care providers and is the most recent example of the digital revolution within the health care industry.

“Through our partnership with Acuity Link, we’re able to create a seamless option for medical providers to request affordable rides more quickly and efficiently for their facilities,” said Gyre Renwick, VP of Lyft Business. “Together, Lyft and Acuity Link are providing an innovative solution to manage all levels of care. Because of this joint effort, we’re able to reach even more passengers to ensure they’re able to get to and from important medical appointments as we work to cut the health care transportation gap in half by 2020 and improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.”

With the added capability of requesting personal medical transportation for patients via Lyft, representatives from Acuity Link anticipate their software will be a valuable resource for skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes needing to coordinate alternative transportation for patients. Often, patients who are ambulatory get transported out of nursing homes via wheelchair van services because most ambulance providers who serve them don’t provide ambulatory medical transportation.

Health care facilities currently using Acuity Link’s software solutions report seeing improvements in patient experience and a reduction in the time to book transport requests by nearly 75 percent.

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