National EMS Weekend of Honor Pays Tribute to Fallen EMS Heroes

Hannibal Fire Department members taught fire safety and firefighting skills at the Kids in Motion camp.
Walker County Emergency Services will use the Public Safety Foundation's grant to purchase thermal imaging cameras.
Fourth through seventh graders met at the North Mankato Fire Station to learn about tourniquets, splints, and the dangers of drunk driving.
The best case for assistance is seeing United Hatzalah volunteers in action. 
The monument is a steel beam from the World Trade Center and will be the only memorial in the country dedicated solely to EMS personnel.
Pasco County Fire Rescue crew members laid sod in Gene Work's yard so he wouldn't be heavily fined by his homeowner association.
A study shows a 13-15% increase in survival rates for patients who received treatment from an AED outside of the hospital.
The Red Cross urges all eligible individuals to give now to ensure lifesaving blood products are available for hospital patients.
Palm Beach County and Delray Beach Fire Rescue crews gave 4-year-old Noah Rome a firefighter-themed bedroom makeover.
When an emergency happens nearby, a premed student wants to help.  
After sustaining injuries to his chest cavity and hand, paramedics rushed a 16-year-old to Tampa General Hospital, where he later died.
Four people were arrested after damaging emergency vehicles with explosives on the Fourth of July.
Fire, EMS, and police personnel showed up to an 8-year-old's lemonade stand in opposition to a man who scolded him for not having a permit.
Five-year-old Lucas had been in critical condition after being shocked by an electrical box.
Palestine Fire Department Battalion Chief Tim Ingram shares how to stay hydrated in the hot weather.