Mo. Paramedics Aim to Reduce Response Times with Infrastructure Improvements

Ride-share and wheelchair/stretcher van services should stand to benefit.
Anthony Mario Fortuna, 42, was sentenced to nine months in jail after pretending to be a medic on a ride-along, where he started an IV on a patient.
To accommodate for an increased call volume, SCCAD constructed two new ambulance stations to increase their area coverage.
The agency has built two new stations positioned in areas with high call volumes.
The provider sustained a shoulder injury after struggling with one of the carjackers, who pushed him out of the moving vehicle.
After getting in a car accident, Cori Christensen, 32, punched a paramedic in the face and bit and spat at police officers trying to detain her.
N.H. ALS service ambulance services now have the option to carry Ketamine at the discretion of their medical directors.
The move to the new airbase coincides with the conclusion of the charity’s major fundraising Airbase Appeal.
The understaffed Chula Vista Fire Department needs to reserve firefighters for high-priority calls.
The ambulance rolled over after being struck by a car, killing the patient inside and injuring the EMS providers and driver of the other vehicle.
“Angel EMS is a great fit for the Priority Ambulance family of companies because they share a commitment to patients and employees,” said Priority Ambulance CEO Bryan Gibson.
Patient Donovan C. Cobb, 22, said "It's not rape," before inappropriately touching the female medic in the back of the ambulance.
Air Methods Advantage's annual membership relieves residents from paying any costs over the amount paid by their health insurance companies.
Jesus Ceja, 26, choked one of the providers treating him and attacked one of the police officers while under the influence of an unknown substance.
Health care organizations will be able to book rides for patients or caregivers through the digital portal Uber Health.