Red Cross Issues 10 Things to Do Now to Prepare for the 2018 Hurricane Season

The American Red Cross hosted its seventh annual Heroes Breakfast to award individuals who acted quickly to help people during medical emergencies.
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Houston Fire Department member Jaron Black gives high dosages of vitamin injections to people suffering from the flu, cancer, or athletes who just want a health boost.
Among any emergency responder’s greatest duties is caring for their fellow rescuers who are injured. 
San Bernardino County Fire Protection District received the donation from San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to improve response times to the city and nearby tribal lands.
In response to the onslaught of school shootings, officials cannot afford the risk of leaving staff and students without medical aid for gunshot victims.
A $25 annual membership fee gives residents access to the club and funds the Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department's equipment expenses.
Launched by the Charlottesville Professional Firefighters Association, the Central Virginia Burn Camp is free for children who survived fires.
Muskogee County EMS employees spoke to the community about roadside safety at a ceremony honoring first responders killed on the road.
Partnering with AMR and several other organizations, the initiative aims to combat human trafficking and provide aid to people struggling with opioid addiction and PTSD.
When a serious accident interrupts their learning, volunteers race to assist. 
The Texas Brotherhood Ride was held in remembrance of 11 first responders who were killed in the line of the duty last year.
AEDs will be accessible to the public at popular ski destinations in Colorado.
Johnstown firefighters will be training the public how to use fire extinguishers with a portable training system they purchased with the donation.
At this year's National EMS Memorial Bike Ride East Coast, participants traveled 550 miles from Boston, MA to National Harbor, MD in honor of fallen EMS providers.