Shoals Ambulance Hires Tommy Widmer as General Manager of Alabama

Paramedics and firefighters are taking part in weekly "Fitness with a Firefighter" workout classes to stay in shape for the job.
An innovator in digital medical education, leader in cardiovascular conference management, and active paramedic will provide leadership across two core verticals.
An Orange Rural Fire Department crew member was found unresponsive after he had returned from a trench rescue call.
His name is yet to be released, but he is the sixth firefighter who has died this year battling the wildfires.
Seattle City Council is negotiating a new contract with AMR to provide better benefits and pay for its employees.
The plan is to hire 175 firefighter-paramedics and build new stations to better serve areas affected by wildfires.
The bill classifies cancer as a work-related injury, and gives firefighters better medical coverage, paid leave and access to disability benefits.
EMS providers took turns performing CPR on a man who tried saving his three grandchildren caught in a riptide.
Albuquerque Fire Rescue will receive $379K to boost paramedics' pay.
Sunstar Paramedics’ director of quality initiatives Debbie Vass received the Excellence in EMS Award.
James A. Vining, 42, allegedly placed a hidden camera inside the women's bathroom of the 8th Ward Fire Department.
Bloomington Fire Department commissioned Andrew Jumonville to create the bronze statue modeled after one of their crew members.
Emanuel Brown filed the suit after finding feces in his belongings at the Los Angeles fire station, where he allegedly faces incessant racial discrimination and harassment.
When firefighters spend more time working than being at home, it takes a toll on them and their families.
Frazier brings 30 years of experience in designing specialty emergency vehicles.