Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Invests in Binder Lift to Provide Better Care for Patients

Natasha Michelle Scott, 34, allegedly stole the vehicle from a hospital and led police on a 10-mile pursuit.
Zachary Pennisi, 26, allegedly delayed notification of the woman's death, who may have died from a heroin overdose.
Mistie Rae Howell attacked two paramedics who were escorting her from an emergency department due to her rude behavior.
Jacob Robertson's charges include grand larceny, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.
Sylvia Mason Hashish, 55, was driving drunk when she crashed her car and put up a fight with responders on scene.
Jacqueline I. Wein, 29 was sentenced to 15 months to three years for aggravated assault.
As residents continue moving further outside the city, fire districts are concerned about the 16-minute EMS response times.
Transport records compiled by PCR services are forming a more complete picture of the value of air ambulances.
The ALS service's new station will enhance its coverage and reduce response times.
Cheshire County EMS is one of many understaffed agencies, but even mutual aid can't help cover simultaneous calls.
When the Care Flight air ambulance is on a call or grounded due to poor weather conditions, the new ambulance will provide critical care ground transports.
EMS providers were evaluating an EDP when he jumped in the ambulance and led police on a 15-minute chase.
A pickup truck hit the side of the Concord EMS ambulance, causing it to flip over.
CALSTAR Air Medical Services wants to have closer access to Santa Cruz County residents.
Theodore Gasiorowski was intoxicated when he stole an ambulance from outside the ED and crashed it