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Pocket R-CAT from EKG Concepts Make You an EKG Expert

September 23, 2011

RACINE, WI–Making the right call when you read an EKG can be critical for your patients. The Pocket R-CAT from EKG Concepts takes the guesswork out of identifying EKG rhythms, allowing medical personnel to expedite treatment and improve patient care.

R-CAT (Rapid Cardiac Analysis Tools) pocket guides are used to identify EKG rhythms and 12 lead EKG changes associated with ischemia, injury, and infarction.

The Pocket R-CAT for Arrhythmias is a 12 panel laminated tool that folds out to reveal 41 six second strips with the identifying criteria listed below. In addition, the R-CAT for Arrhythmias contains measuring tools for heart rate and time in seconds.

The Pocket R-CAT-12 for STEMI uses a novel, color coded system to illustrate the classic EKG changes associated with myocardial damage on each of the heart surfaces listed below:

  • Inferior wall
  • Anteroseptal wall
  • Septal wall
  • Lateral wall
  • Anterior wall
  • Anterolateral wall

In addition to measuring tools like the R-CAT for Arrhythmias, the R-CAT-12 for STEMI also contains a unique reversible baseline window for viewing and comparing your patients’ own 12 lead EKG.

Both R-CATs can be marked with a black dry erase marker and wiped clean for repeated use.

The R-CATs save valuable time when every minute counts.

For more information or to order, call 1-877-RCATEKG (722-8354) or visit

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