SafetyPAD launches Enterprise Version 4.0; Enhances Quality Control, Interoperability Features

Smart911 users create online profiles that provide important emergency information to first responders.
Sharing information between EMS agencies and emergency departments creates continuity in patient care records and timeliness of treatment options.
The software will provide EMS and hospitals shared access to healthcare records to optimize patient care.
The software platform provides data interoperability to increase clinical insights and operational efficiency.
Video chat and audio clips are now available on the app for clinicians in the prehospital and hospital setting.
NetMotion has made updates to its products that improve real-time communications on congested Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
The technology helps prevent accidental 9-1-1 calls to allow dispatchers to focus on true emergencies.
The statewide capability is meant for people who cannot safely call 9-1-1 or who have hearing impairments.
The "Report It, Don't Ignore It" app allows anyone to report safety threats and provides first responders with the user's exact location.
The NG911 Clearinghouse emergency platform provides first responders the exact location of 9-1-1 callers.
Resource Planner helps build optimized schedules to boost productivity and shift coverage.
SirenGPS tells St. Louis dispatchers a caller's location, photo, medical information, and emergency contacts.
The world’s first airport emergency room elevates care team communication.
The technology will support the interoperable communications network utilized by first responders.
The product assists in the management of life-saving systems for first responders and emergency management officials.