Pink Rechargeable Flashlight Benefits Breast Cancer Research

Santa Fe High School student Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, is in custody after opening fire on fellow students.
Erie County first responders are upgrading to a digital platform to improve communications between agencies.
They can be valuable assets in civilian disasters and difficult rescues.
Conway Regional Medical Center teamed up with local agencies to train for a shooting in the emergency room.
The individuals have posed as police and corrections officers to transmit false information to first responders.
Some rural communities still call 800 numbers instead of 9-1-1, resulting in lost caller data and longer response times.
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center participated in a shooting preparedness drill involving 40-50 gunshot victims.
Miami County agencies practiced response tactics for a large-scale incident in the confined space of the Miami Tunnel.
The latest skid units support energy-efficient electric vehicles. 
The new equipment line-up is built to meet the critical needs of law enforcement, fire and rescue operations.
Somerset Fire Department opted for the protection in the event of a school shooting where members would have to treat victims in the warm zone.
First responders vividly remember the scene of the April 19, 1995 bombing that killed 168 people.
Sonoma County agencies will put their response skills to the test in a simulated plane crash involving 40-50 victims.
First responders across the nation gathered in Nevada to train for responding to a radiological attack on U.S. soil.
Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department's audio of their radio communications during the event details the difficulty with operations because the shooter's location was not known.