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National Recertification is Available Electronically but Requires Employers to Register

Columbus, OH--EMS providers who are nationally certified by The National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) can recertify entirely online, but the process requires that the employer (agency) is registered.

The one-time process for an agency to register takes only a few minutes and needs to be completed by an approved training officer. Complete instructions are on the home page of the NREMT website.

Online recertification provides a number of time-saving benefits for the agency including reduced paperwork, a centralized data management for continuing education hours, centralized approval for continuing education hours, electronic verification, and electronic transfer of information to an agency’s medical director for approval

For EMS providers, electronic recertification also provides time-saving benefits including ‘banking’ continuing education hours electronically throughout the certification period. In addition documentation is ‘signed’ electronically by the training officer and the medical director, and is submitted electronically. EMS providers can find complete details about online recertification on the home page of the NREMT website.

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