Three Additional Ohio Fire Departments Implement SafetyPAD® EMS Electronic Patient Care Reporting System

Since medical emergencies comprise 87% of their calls, Albuquerque Fire Department hopes the program will more efficiently address their responses to those calls.
First responders vividly remember the scene of the April 19, 1995 bombing that killed 168 people.
TCAD Paramedics are ready to handle any emergencies that may occur on or off the course during the Bass Pro Legends of Golf PGA Tournament.
Health Science Academy students worked with emergency personnel in a mock incident involving a plane crashing into a bus filled with passengers after making an emergency landing.
Though she didn't survive, Jennifer Riordan received CPR from Peggy Phillips after Andrew Needum pulled Riordan from a broken window on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380.
Seven AEDs will be made accessible to the public in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.
Ryan Thorne knows EMS inside and out—but a 2016 motorcycle accident and bumpy ambulance ride opened his eyes to the patient experience.
Owensboro Fire Department Chief Steve Mitchell never thought he'd see the day when firefighters would need ballistic gear for protection from violence.
Only six other women have been firefighters in Springfield's history, and Heather Moore is the first to be fire division chief.
The Pulsara mobile platform connects EMS providers with hospitals for streamlined communication.
The “Right Care, Right Now” program diverts low acuity 9-1-1 calls to nurses who will point patients in the direction of the appropriate healthcare resources.
About 20 to 22 veterans commit suicide each day, often occurring at Veterans Affairs facilities.
A new feature for TripTix ePCR enables EMS agencies to complete protocol-based patient incident reports 90 percent faster than previous versions.
Gerard Muench was initially reluctant to bring in new technology, but it's brought his fleet operations to a whole new level of performance.
Vanessa Dolan got the opportunity to meet the members of Covington Fire Department and Acadian Ambulance who helped save her life.