PLAD, Inc. Showcases Portable Lift Assist Device at EMS World Expo

Mason County EMS asked county commissioners if the United Mine Workers of America could represent their agency.
Mohawk Valley Ambulance Corps is seeking solutions to improving response times as call volumes increase with a limited number of ambulances.
The diversions have caused longer wait times for 9-1-1 callers due to understaffed dispatch centers.
One of the EMTs also sustained minor injuries when the ambulance struck a guard rail and careened down an embankment.
AMR is pushing for new standardized cardiac arrest care after studies revealed performing high-quality CPR on scene nearly doubled patients' survival rates.
The combined organization will provide current and future partners with medical transportation solutions and specialty fire services.
Rush University Medical Center's mobile stroke unit service will be provided to residents in the nearby Oak Park Village suburb.
The crash occurred when a driver failed to yield and pulled out in front of the ambulance when it was en route to a call.
Matthew King, 24, was intoxicated when he stole an on-duty paramedic's vehicle before crashing into an SUV and a restaurant.
The Millheims didn't know their insurance wouldn't cover the transportation costs for 7-year-old Ben when he fractured his skull.
Lyft and its partners are enthusiastic about helping solve patients’ travel challenges. 
None of the EMS providers in the ambulance were injured.
After MacArthur Beach State Park purchased the sand-traversing vehicle, response time dropped from 38 minutes to 14 minutes.
The patient and one provider were immediately transported for their injuries while the others were taken to the hospital later for evaluation.
The agency and hospital paid the federal government for allegedly submitting reimbursement claims for ambulance rides that were not medically necessary.