Medlert Inc. Releases New Software Tool and Expands Leadership Team

Medlert Inc. Releases New Software Tool and Expands Leadership Team

Press Release May 12, 2015

May 12, 2015, Denver, CO—At the 2015 ZOLL Summit, Medlert Inc. released its third, new product, Medlert Responder, a mobile app for emergency medical service (EMS) crews. Medlert Responder allows EMS teams to receive urgent or non-urgent transport requests from the dispatch, get optimized routing based on real-time traffic reports, offer accurate ETAs to healthcare facilities as well as track a number of essential telematic metrics. The company also announced that Mark Rector has joined the company as the Vice President of Business Development.

 “I am thrilled to announce our third, and probably our most innovative, new product, Medlert Responder, here at the ZOLL Summit,” said David Emanuel, Medlert CEO. “Medlert Responder offers ambulance providers an all-in-one solution for connecting with crews, providing safety tools, and improving patient care.”

Medlert Responder is the first comprehensive solution that allows ambulance crews to capture patient safety and quality measures, use voice-over navigation and real-time traffic routing, share accurate ETAs, provide speeding alerts, and detect crashes.

“I am also excited to also share that we have brought on Mark Rector as our Vice President of Business Development,” said Emanuel. “Mark’s wealth of experience in the EMS industry, including most recently at Priority Dispatch, will be invaluable as we continue to expand our product adoption and offerings.”

"From my experience in the EMS industry for more than 25 years, I can say this industry is changing faster now than it has at any other point in my career," said Rector. "Joining Medlert is a great opportunity to be involved with, contribute to, and drive some of these innovative changes, particularly around how technology is used by EMS teams."

Medlert's newest product, Medlert Responder, is the third tool in a suite of tools that Medlert Inc. has built to serve ambulance providers with better, more efficient, and innovative software to drive high-quality ambulance services.

Last month, Medlert Inc. released Medlert Eligibility, which allows ambulance companies to instantly verify patient eligibility and validate demographic and billing information. In 2014, Medlert Inc. released its first software tool, Medlert Connect, which is now in use in 177 healthcare facilities. Medlert Connect is a fast, secure, and cloud-based solution for ordering medical transports on mobile or web-enabled devices. 

About Medlert, Inc.: Medlert Inc. is a San Francisco-based software company that builds mobile and web, cloud-based solutions for the healthcare ecosystem, including the EMS industry. For more information, visit

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