Excellance To Attend FDIC With New Compressed Natural Gas Powered Ambulance

Excellance To Attend FDIC With New Compressed Natural Gas Powered Ambulance

Press Release Apr 15, 2016

Excellance Inc, producer of high quality custom ambulances and emergency vehicles, today announced their presence at FDIC International taking place at the Indianapolis Convention Center from April 18-23, 2016.

Excellance, Inc. will be at booth #4939 showing the custom built First Class Emergency Vehicle from their dealer in North Carolina. Attendees can also check out booth #5139, where Ford will be showing the Bossier City Fire Department. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) unit by Excellance, alongside the Freightliner Truck booth #4921 for Excellance's most recently completed unit for Avon Lake Fire Department.

"You will find a broad variety of emergency vehicle designs and features among the three apparatus that we are displaying. Thank you in advance for taking the time to come visit us at any of our multiple locations. We wish everyone a safe and informative visit to the 2016 FDIC convention in Indianapolis, IN.," stated FDIC Coordinator for Excellance, Johnathan Cody. 

The CNG powered ambulance, custom-built for the City of Bossier City Fire Department in Louisiana, has proven to lower fuel costs while helping the environment with its lower carbon footprint.  “Excellance believes the CNG industry has reached a point that makes CNG a safe and cost effective match with this new ambulance design”, explained Excellance CEO, Charlie Epps.

For more information about Excellance's presence at FDIC, please contact Tommy Pugh at (800) 882-9799 or visit the official blog at www.excellanceinc.com.

About Excellance, Inc.: Excellance Inc has manufactured top-of-the-line modular ambulances since 1975. As one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of emergency vehicles in the world, its reputation for outstanding quality and value are well-known throughout the ambulance industry. Since inception, the company's stated goal has been to produce the finest quality emergency medical and rescue vehicles available in the marketplace. Today, the company continues its proud tradition of manufacturing the finest premium quality emergency vehicles in world.

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