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Using vacuum technology, the EVAC-U-SPLINT product line can handle almost any need. Splints easily conform to dislocated shoulders, fractured hips, and angulated wrist fractures. The adult and pediatric vacuum mattresses quickly and comfortably mold to the specific contours of the patient's body while also providing thermal insulation and decreasing the potential for hypothermia. 

Vacuum technology reduces pressure point tenderness and rehabilitation time and the number of ways to use these products is only limited by your imagination: 

  • A large splint extremity splint can also be a pediatric immobilizer
  • Use it instead of a collar for cervical immobilization
  • Take the pediatric and adult mattresses into the water for water rescues

Easy to clean and durable, the EVAC-U-SPLINT products make a first-responder's job easier and the patient's experience more comfortable.

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