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SimPad is virtually a “pick up and play” experience, featuring an intuitive, interactive handheld touchscreen, enabling simulations to be run easily and effectively. The SimPad System can be operated in Automatic Mode, using existing pre-designed scenarios, or in Manual Mode, allowing instructors to customize simulations, facilitating a broad range of educational experiences. In addition, the SimPad System can be used with a wireless patient monitor.

The SimPad System provides a comprehensive library of physiological patient parameters, including vital signs, ECG recordings, organ and patient sounds. The Log function allows instructors to keep track of simulation outcomes, a useful tool for debriefing and assessment. SimPad’s total portability allows users to train for any situation, in any environment, bringing instructors closer to students for a more efficient and effective learning experience.

Compatibility with Laerdal simulators and manikins, both new and existing, allows institutions to integrate new technology, and revitalize their current simulation platforms. SimPad is compatible with Laerdal’s VitalSim platform, as well as non-manikin activities such as standardized patients and task trainers. With SimPad, educators spend less time learning how to use the technology, and more time actually using it.

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