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ATS Online

With budgets being cut, many departments and emergency response organizations are left with little or no money to purchase the quality training they need. Action Training Systems (ATS) now offers a convenient and affordable solution to deliver training to your department. With the new ATS Online, instructors have the ability to access and set up ATS training programs online. In addition, instructors can manage both students and courses, import and share their own training resources and also to document training.

The company has produced over 200 programs for emergency response professionals, which have been delivered on DVD and CBT (computer-based interactive training courses). Instructors worldwide have always found the quality of their training programs to be superior, and now students will be able to access these learning resources from anywhere, anytime.

ATS Online is transforming both the instructor’s and students’ learning experience. No longer will learning be confined to a classroom environment. These training programs based on national standards will now be available as a total training solution to use at the instructor’s and students’ convenience.

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