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A.R.E. (New Standard of Airway Management) Resuscitation Device


A.R.E. (Amazing Rescue Expectation) generally relates to a keeping device for helping restore respiration and keeping the respiratory tract open. When a person is unconscious or affected by other factors to make the brain incapable of controlling muscles, relaxation of respiratory muscles may result, leading to closing of the tracheal tube of respiratory tract. The unique structure of A.R.E. applies a force to oral muscles causing a chain reaction among the muscles. This reaction then triggers the opening of the respiratory tract, which increases airflow to the lungs. A.R.E. is suited to all patients, especially those who are unconscious and in need of immediate assistance.

Unconsciousness leads to a significant decline in a person’s muscle tone. Therefore, due to gravity, this can cause the tube structures in the respiratory track to flatten. In addition to these problems, pressure in the thoracic cavity increases and the stem of the tongue sinks backward inhibiting oxygen from entering the lungs. Current methods of sustaining the respiratory tract do not solve these problems and carry high risks of damage.

Benefits of using A.R.E. include:

  • Utilization of natural processes to restore airflow
  • An increase in airflow to the lungs
  • Measures to prevent air from leaking, which often occur with the use of an oxygen mask
  • A.R.E. usage will not interfere with the use of oxgen masks and can prevent vomitting


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