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PulsePoint AED


Public awareness—and use of—automated external defibrillators (AED) is low. Raising awareness of AEDs and getting the public to find and use them is vital to increasing survival for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. PulsePoint AED is a FREE app for iOS and Android operating systems that allows anyone in the community to submit or verify location and descriptive information about AED locations (even a photo) wherever they see an AED. The app lets fire/EMS agencies take advantage of large scale, comprehensive databases of AED locations—even linking them to their dispatch systems if they choose to. PulsePoint AED engages the community before an emergency occurs, encourages AED awareness, and gives app users the ability to contribute to AED registries wherever they are. Once a fire/EMS agency connects with the data, they can then share the info with 9-1-1 dispatchers or send “CPR Needed” alerts to bystanders using the related PulsePoint Respond app. The apps are developed by the non-profit PulsePoint Foundation with marketing and agency implementation by Physio-Control. Visit

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