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SmartMan AR BLS CPR Manikin


SmartMan AR (SmartMan Augmented Reality) is a unique real-time CPR feedback training manikin system. It is a torso manikin with proper head tilt-chin lift to practice ventilations. It also features Ambu's patented hygiene system for mouth-to-mouth. It comes with a handy carry bag.

The feedback system uses augmented reality. You point the camera on your Smart Phone or Tablet at the manikin. It then "sees" the compressing of the chest of the manikin. It then reports back on the quality of CPR being performed. It uses the easy to understand colored bars of SmartMan and it reports on compression rate, depth, full release of the chest and on excessive depth.

Key Features include:

- Quick and Easy To Set Up
- Can Monitor Many Different Manikins Quickly
- Provides Objective Feedback to Help Students Improve
- Free download from the App store
- Great for Buddy Teaching Where Students Can Help Each Other

Load the free App and point the smart device at the manikin; simple, quick and fun. Students can have it up and running on their own phones in a couple of minutes.

SmartMan AR has no batteries, doesn't require Internet, has no limit on software downloads and no user fees.


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