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Nasco Life/Form Continuous Chest Compression Manikin


Someone who collapses suddenly and is either not breathing or does not have normal breathing is almost always the victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The AHA Guidelines recommend compressing the patient’s chest at least 2”, at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute, and allow full recoil between each compression. Optimal chest compressions can be difficult, and having the skills to perform them with accuracy are critical for survival. The Life/form® Continuous Chest Compression Manikin has been developed to assist with learning these effective skills that are necessary to saving a patient’s life. The rate, depth, and recoil results of chest compressions for each second are displayed on the screen. Performance for each second within acceptable limits is show in green, those beyond limits are shown in red, and when approaching the limit yellow is displayed. Contact Nasco at 1(800)558-9595 or online at  for more information and a FREE Catalog!

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