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Pocket Nurse Ambulance Simulator


The Ambulance Simulator represents a value packed scenario and simulation adjunct that provides EMS students and professionals the ability to practice and perfect tasks, procedures, and policies in an environment that represents the reality of the ambulance workspace. The educator can coach and evaluate students on all EMS tasks and protocols completed within the dimensions of a real Type I, Type II or Type III ambulance using this high quality value packed training adjunct.

The Ambulance Simulator is built to reflect Federal KKK-A-1822 Ambulance specifications, weighs approximately 2,500 pounds, uses a standard 110V electrical outlet, and is designed with components that fit through regular doors, stairwells, and elevators for a smooth installation.


  • Interior storage cabinets
  • Basic Life Support cabinets
  • Attendant seat
  • CPR seat
  • Squad bench with inside storage
  • Action control station area
  • Interior lighting per KKK specs
  • Vinyl Graphics: 2 school logos,
  • 2 stars of life, and stripes
  • Diamond Plate Door Exterior Accessed Oxygen Storage
  • (One) Oxygen outlet
  • RICO suction canister - Display only
  • Disposable sharp container in Action area
  • Overhead I.V. hanger
  • Code lights (red, yellow, green) class view
  • Rear entry height 24"
  • Diamond Plate ALS Exterior Equipment Access Door
  • Diamond Plate Back Board Storage Access Door

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