Point of Care Ultrasound Medic Ultrasound with Live-Streaming Video

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Point of Care Ultrasound Medic Ultrasound with Live-Streaming Video

EMS World 2015 Top Innovation Award Winner:

The Medic Ultrasound with Live-Streaming Video provides an entire solution to the ambition to evaluate and treat our most critically ill patients in a more sophisticated manner upon medic arrival.  The three biggest advantages of this is the ability to treat the most critically ill patients more definitively on the scene, allow for set up time for emergent surgery even before the patient arrives at the hospital and to choose the patients to be transported first in the event of mass casualty.   

The three things allowing us to do this are:

  1. Patent pending technology allowing live streaming video transmission from the initial medic site to a consultants' smart device. Due to the live streaming nature of the transmission, this allows the consultant to give advice on how to achieve more information including scanning technique information while the medic is examine the patient. We feel that this is far superior to transmission of serial static images that is proposed by some services.  We are unaware of any others who offer the live streaming transmission. 
  2. A comprehensive medic education program that begins with interactive videos. The education extends to personal hands on education and review of the learners' actual studies.
  3. Complete set up services including assuring the transmission is present on the emergency department scene and that consultants are informed as to the information that they will be receiving.