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Belmont Buddy Lite


Portable blood and fluid warming—anytime, anywhere—in a remarkably compact, lightweight package, buddy lite™ is used globally by civilian and military medical personnel to help prevent hypothermia during fluid administration. This close-to-patient, portable fluid warmer excels at reducing line cooldown during fluid administration.

Easy to use, buddy lite’s single-button operation allows emergency personnel and first responders to spend more time attending to the critical status of the patient instead of focusing on the device. And that helps in life-saving efforts.

Approved for ground and helicopter+ transport, buddy lite™ is used globally in war zones, hospitals, ambulances, air medical helicopters, ski patrols—anywhere warm blood or fluid is needed to help in life-saving efforts. This compact, lightweight, battery-powered IV fluid warmer can warm up to 4.4 liters of fluid on a single charge.* Total weight, including heater, battery, and disposable is less than 1.6 lbs. (0.73 kg). The complete system is small enough to be easily stored in a medical response bag – you can take it just about anywhere.


Product Features

  • Quick Set up
  • Automatic Air Removal
  • Close to Patient Warming
  • Military Tested and Approved
  • Aluminum Free Disposable
  • Battery or AC Powered

*At 20°C input temperature

+On battery power


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