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The DualCam combines a windshield camera with a cabin camera and presents it in a single compact package. Requiring only a single camera mount and with only one cable extending from the cameras, the DualCam is optimal for tight interior spaces.

The forward-facing camera looks through a vehicle's windshield to capture road conditions and important events. The cabin camera, typically facing the driver, includes IR illuminators for clarity in low light conditions as well as an integrated microphone to capture interior audio. Each camera is individually adjustable for an optimal field of view. 

The single cable eminating from the DualCam splits into two separate camera outputs, allowing the DualCam to be combined with any Safety Vision video recorder - an effective mobile recording solution for any vehicle application. Click here to learn more:



  • Built-in microphone
  • 10 infrared illuminators
  • Black, non-glare finish
  • 700TVL produces high resolution images
  • Each camera individually adjustable for optimal field of view
  • Each camera has one cable that splits into two separate outputs
  • Operating temperature range (14°F~122°F and -10°C~50°C)
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