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Informed's Emergency & Critical Care Guide iOS App


This new mobile edition of Informed’s Emergency & Critical Care Guide offers a great resource from the trusted leader in emergency reference information. The app is fast-to-use, loaded with detailed illustrations and helpful tools and formulas, easy to customize and is compatible with your iPhone and iPad.

This app includes 10 sections with a wealth of reference content including:

  • Coverage of the 2015 ECC and CPR Guidelines
  • Current ACLS algorithms
  • Emergency airway management (King LT, Ventilator guides, Rapid sequence intubation, Laryngeal mask)
  • Guidelines for neurological and trauma emergency interventions
  • Updated common emergency medications with information on primary indications, contraindications, common side effects, and dosages (including pediatric)
  • Common poisons with information on toxic side effects, primary cautions, and prehospital care
  • List of commonly used drugs and tables of often-ordered labs with range of outcomes

The app also includes a tools section with calculators that offer a guide to simple conversions, burn formulas (ABA and Parkland), BSA/BMI, and Emergency Meds and IV drip rates; interactive tables for fast access to information about pediatric normal vital signs, resuscitation, airway management, medications; and tools for tabulating scores for pediatric trauma, Glasglow Coma, Apgar, and the NIH stroke scale.

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