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First Response Enhanced Multi-Threat Body Armor


EMS World Top Innovation Award Submission

The Safe Life Defense iiia+ Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest is truly innovative; it is the most protective soft body armor currently available, and it accurately addresses the most common threats faced by EMS. Safe Life Defense’s Enhanced iiia+ Multi-Threat armor protects against bullets, strikes, slashes, stabs, and boasts protection against traditionally armor piercing rounds (FN5.7, Liberty Civil Defense, and steel core 12 gauge shotgun slugs). The Enhanced Multi-Threat system is the only body armor able to defend against all these threats at once by using self-structured Kevlar panels. These panels increase protection as well as durability, preventing sagging and curling. Reviewed as the #1 most comfortable body armor system—it is as protective as it is wearable.

As far as distribution, Safe Life Defense President Nick Groat emulates the business strategy of Samuel Colt. Groat makes armor faster, more inexpensively, and without sacrificing any quality, resulting in protection for more people, more efficiently, and at a highly competitive price point. The key to this innovation is reimagining how body armor can be customized and fitted. Safe Life Defense uses set sizing to create a semi-custom fit. By sizing people by height and weight, and using sizes 3XS to 6XL, people can have armor on the same day it is ordered. By doing custom patches on site, and pre-manufacturing carriers and panels, customers have immediate access to multiple carrier styles, and in multiple colors.  

Finally, Safe Life Defense revolutionizes the body armor industry for EMS by sending a message through marketing. Safe Life Defense has a mission—to make the world a safer place. In that vein, Safe Life Defense body armor is marketed as an essential tool needed by EMS professionals everywhere. Our current EMS marketing campaign uses the words “This is Essential” along with a picture of our Red First Response Carrier with an EMS patch pack. Safe Life Defense uses marketing to educate the greater population about the threats EMS face. A crowning achievement of the company is the Guardian Angel Program that awards body armor to people who need it most. People can apply online to receive a body armor donation, direct from Safe Life Defense. The program helps protect people who may not be able to afford armor, but has an ancillary goal of showing that everyone deserves the right to feel safe. The company donates regularity and publicly on social media.

Safe Life Defense leads the way in innovation with the Enhanced 3a+ Multi-Threat body armor system—but it further succeeds by offering it in the most efficient way possible.

EMS World's Top Innovation Award Program recognizes companies exhibiting at the 2017 EMS World Expo, October 16-20 in Las Vegas, NV. Visit Safe Life Defense at Booth 442.

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