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Acuity Link Software


EMS World Top Innovation Award Submission

Acuity Link is revolutionizing the way medical transportation providers and healthcare institutions communicate and request transportation for their patients.

Our software as a service has been designed from the ground up to automate, track and report upon non-emergency medical transportation in a way that saves time and cost. Telephonic and radio communication and analog processes are a thing of the past—requesting clinicians, ambulance crews and dispatchers communicate via the web and a mobile smartphone application. This automation results in significant efficiency improvements and cost savings for all involved.

Ambulance crews receive patient, transport, and clinical information directly from the requestor, who is updated in real-time on the location and expected arrival time of the vehicle. Further, medical necessity forms for ambulance transport are completed within the application and readily available for use in reimbursement.

Acuity Link is configurable in a variety of ways to meet the needs of our customers and our mobile app will always be free on the Apple App store and Google Play store so that ambulance services have ultimate flexibility to deploy the technology as they see fit.

With Acuity Link, medical transportation providers and healthcare institutions can rest assured knowing that their reliability and punctuality commitments are satisfied and healthcare institutions are assured that their contractual obligations are being met.

EMS World's Top Innovation Award Program recognizes companies exhibiting at the 2017 EMS World Expo, October 16-20 in Las Vegas, NV. Visit Acuity Link at Booth 743.

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