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IDM100 Medical Tablet


The IDM100 is an integrated medical tablet revolutionizing how patients and health care providers connect for clinical care anytime, anywhere. Patients and clinicians use the IDM100 to interact in person, or remotely, with Virtual Exam Room, our HIPAA-compliant, secure video conferencing feature.

In addition, the IDM100 also stores and seamlessly synchronizes patient data to Electronic Medical Records. When a Virtual Exam is conducted with the IDM100, the clinician can remotely view the patient's diagnostic data in real time with the clinical accuracy of an in office exam. The IDM100 features a full range of diagnostic capabilities, including:

  • Virtual Exam Room
  • Weight/height and BMI
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • Temperature
  • SPO2 Pulse-Oximetry
  • ECG (3 lead or 12 lead)
  • Spirometer
  • Electronic Stethoscope
  • Audiogram Hearing Test
  • Glucose Levels
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