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EDU-435 UV-C Disinfection Lamp

EA Medical provides EMS with UV-C disinfection products that are made in the USA and EPA Compliant. Our Evergreen EDU-435 UV-C Air & Surface Disinfection Lamp provides high level disinfection of emergency response vehicles and aircraft. 


UV-C is a natural disinfection method that is scientifically proven to significantly reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections. The UV-C light disrupts the DNA of microorganisms thus destroying their ability to reproduce.


The EDU-435 UV-C lamp is the most powerful and efficient UV lamp for EMS. It kills pathogens on uneven and hard to reach surfaces. It cleans ambulances in minutes from all infectious pathogens including C.diff. and MRSA to a disinfection level up to 99.999999%.


Use it on your fleet and inside your stations. Designed by EMS to be rugged for everyday use.  Build quality, UV-C output, function, and service is what sets us above the rest.


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