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Scenarios in Seconds: Critical Calculations and Color Coding Kids

Scenarios in Seconds: Critical Calculations and Color Coding Kids

EMS World Top Innovation Award Submission

"To master anything, you must do it over and over! Fundamentals are the key to mastery." –Tony Robbins

Where would you find a King airway size for a 6-year old? Where would you find an epinephrine dose for a newborn? How would you mix a norepinephrine drip for a septic 6-month old? When these types of emergencies occur, there is no time to ask, “Who knows…”

This unique visual and hands-on training program presents 52 real-life scenarios and encourages regular reviews that utilize your system's peds "cheat sheets" (Broselow, Handtevy, etc.). The scenarios are coupled with nine life-size "Mani-Kids" (newborns to teens) to guide the development of crucial muscle memory skills. When it comes to sick kids, and even worse, really sick kids, anxiety levels can understandably be at their highest. Scenarios in Seconds works to reduce anxiety and build greater confidence in pediatric emergency care. Remember… “Practice makes perfect” and “Proper planning prevents poor pediatric performance!”

EMS World's Top Innovation Award Program recognizes companies exhibiting at the 2018 EMS World Expo, October 29–November 2 in Nashville, TN. Visit Pedi-Ed-Trics at Booth 1255.

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