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The Pulsara Platform - Transfer, Consult, and Video Functionalities

EMS World Top Innovation Award Submission

Imagine faxing your spouse the grocery list. Imagine using a walkie talkie to secure dinner plans with a friend. Imagine paging a colleague when you have critical information to relay about an impending deadline.

Seems ludicrous, right? Unfortunately, that’s exactly how healthcare functions when you are having a heart attack, stroke or other critical illness or injury. What’s more? Miscommunication during transitions contributes to 80% of medical errors—which is now the 3rd leading cause of death.

Pulsara is a digital healthcare corporation that focuses on using mobile technology to enhance patient outcomes by improving communication and critical care coordination, and is the only solution on the market that connects the entire region on their communication network. A recent study by Duke University shows that by using Pulsara, treatment times decrease by an average of 28%. That’s almost one third! Decreased treatment times equate to better outcomes.

Pulsara's latest functionality further revolutionizes the industry, with the ability to get a consult from another member of the care team or another hospital, to request and track a patient transfer every step of the way, and to use video calling to communicate even more clearly and quickly with any other member of the care team. It's like HIPAA-compliant FaceTime for medicine! 

With Pulsara's mobile platform, every clinician – from the paramedic, emergency department, allied healthcare and specialist – is on the same page. Pulsara delivers real-time feedback and data reporting, and unites clinicians at every point of the patient care journey with a streamlined communication channel.

It’s simple. Create a patient channel. Dynamically build the team (regardless of hospital affiliation and location). Communicate. Since Pulsara is built on an open API infrastructure, the connective future is unlimited. Instead of outdated modes of communication currently used by healthcare systems including radios, fax machines and pagers, imagine transmitting critical data – video, audio, ECG, monitor, patient history, and more seamlessly with just a tap.

EMS World's Top Innovation Award Program recognizes companies exhibiting at the 2018 EMS World Expo, October 29–November 2 in Nashville, TN. Visit Pulsara at Booth 819.

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