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Lytx Video Services

EMS World Top Innovation Award Submission

Video to Vision—Safety and Beyond

Lytx Video Services is a new and game-changing innovation in video telematics that goes beyond traditional video…to vision. Vision that originates with Lytx and its clients’ commitment to safety—for drivers, in the community and on roadways. Lytx Video Services goes beyond safety, to spotlight critical moments and provide more visibility on the road or at the scene of an accident. 

Building on Lytx’s flagship DriveCam program that protects more than 850,000+ drivers, Lytx Video Services helps EMS fleets sharpen their focus on safety and boost operational efficiencies, productivity and security. The platform was built on the idea that not all video is created equal—rather, it is only useful when you can access the right video at the right time.

Greater Visibility

Lytx Video Services is comprised of an event recorder, video cameras (all cloud-connected) and a corresponding software platform designed to give emergency fleets an extra layer of protection in addition to the DriveCam safety program. The service offers live-streaming video, DVR capabilities, and the option to connect auxiliary cameras, including third-party devices so users can keep existing systems in place without disruption. All the information picked up by the event recorders and cameras is easily accessible via an integrated online and mobile workspace, in which organizations can manage their safety program, as well as view video from an operational standpoint all in one place. With the launch of Lytx Video Services, Lytx’s well-known coaching workflow was revamped and built into the system as well, so users can use the insights they’re uncovering to implement meaningful changes.

On the Scene—Enhanced Coaching

For emergency fleets, the opportunity to visually plug into an emergency scene via the event recorder’s live-stream capability is extremely valuable. When a vehicle is dispatched, risk and safety managers can tap into the system to view exactly what is happening and gauge if backup is needed or offer support as needed, without requiring any additional work from the EMTs or medical personnel at the scene. Lytx Video Services enables managers the ability to browse and save past footage (up to past 100 hours), so they can identify training opportunities for EMTs based on real-life events. Risk and safety managers can also conduct virtual ride-alongs via Lytx Video Services, ensuring their teams are complying with company policy and the law, saving important resources and time. The ability to see, at any time, how drivers, EMTs and medical personnel are managing events and to have access to video after the fact, can make all the difference when issues arise.

There are more than 1,500 fleet telematics companies competing in the marketplace, but, thanks to the Video Services platform, only Lytx offers the deepest level of insight and visibility. Lytx Video Services offers EMS risk and safety managers unparalleled levels of access and visibility into all aspects of their business, with actionable insights to improve efficiencies and grow with new understanding. For this, it deserves EMS World’s Top Innovation Award.

EMS World's Top Innovation Award Program recognizes companies exhibiting at the 2018 EMS World Expo, October 29–November 2 in Nashville, TN. Visit Lytx at Booth 1651.

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