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The EMS medical director for Florida's Department of Health presents the latest facts—and fallacies—of the major COVID vaccines coming out on the market.
Ketamine has emerged as a treatment option for PTSD. Does it work, or is it just a quick fix that sidesteps the true problem?
The COVID pandemic has forced a shift to remote learning and training. How has it impacted EMS?
The city of Alexandria (Va.) has successfully deployed home-based 9-1-1 services during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it the first jurisdiction in the United States to do so. This innovative move…
Fact: Kids bite into electrical cords. Happily, most will do just fine.
EMS will likely play a large role in administering the COVID-19 vaccine to the public.
The first episode of a new video series explores anxiety and the feeling that you're not good enough for the job.
Summary 2020 has been challenging, fostering disruption, uncertainty, fear, isolation, fatigue, and burnout.  All of these emotions can become intensified during the holidays, impacting our well…
Not all that wheezes is asthma. In his latest pediatric video tutorial, Scott DeBoer of Pedi-Ed-Trics Emergency Medical Solutions rapidly reviews the basics of bronchiolitis, including antibiotics,…
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