Christopher Hunter, MD, discusses the medical response after the Pulse Nightclub attack and how comparing our experience to available evidence will improve understanding of the approach to an active shooter and mass fatality event.

The carnage may have been worse if the gunman had been able to enter an elementary school.

As rescue operations continue in the devastated countries, the death toll surpasses 500 and thousands of others are injured.

Paul Brunner, Chief of La Vernia EMS, describes the chaotic scene of the church shooting that took the lives of 26 people.

Volunteer EMTs who responded to the Sutherland Springs church shooting that left 26 people dead are reeling from the emotional toll of the experience. 

After six first responders took their lives due to PTSD, firefighters started a confidential peer support group to help fire, EMS and police personnel process traumatic calls to improve their mental health.

Emergency! star Randolph Mantooth offers an inspirational paean to emergency responders, particularly those in Las Vegas, during the stirring Opening Ceremonies at EMS World Expo Oct. 18.
Artist Daniel Sundahl says proceeds received for the portraits will be donated to first responders who are struggling with their mental health.

EMTs and other first responders who treated the wounded on scene of the Vegas shooting could be at risk for post-traumatic stress.

As unpredictable mass casualty incidents have been increasingly on the rise, the Stop the Bleed campaign aims to teach citizens how to stop severe blood loss to keep victims alive before first responders can arrive on scene.

At least 29 people are confirmed dead, hundreds remain missing, and thousands have been evacuated as firefighters continue battling the raging wildfires.

This educational video accompanies the article "Reducing Patella Dislocations in the Field," by Michael Dailey, MD. 

A crash between an ambulance and a semi truck in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota has left 24-year-old paramedic Marina Gayledeste dead.
California is struggling to contain one of its deadliest wildfire outbreaks with eight counties now under states of emergency.