Seventeen students and faculty members were killed and 14 others injured when Nikolas Cruz, 19, opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
The Charleston County EMS Mobile Crisis program allows patients to speak with a psychiatrist on a video call instead of being transported to the ED.
Should you bring on someone with EMS experience or an IT background? According to Sean Kaye, it depends on what they'll be doing.
To them, there are no borders in EMS—only the shared mission to save lives.
An Amtrak train traveling from New York to Miami collided with a freight train, resulting in the death of two people and leaving 70  others injured.
Rob Lawrence, MCMI, chief operating officer of the Richmond (VA) Ambulance Authority, listed his favorite data-driven tools during “Top 10 Technologies You Need to Transform into a High-performance EMS Agency,” part of the Data & Technology Summit at EMS World Expo 2017 in Las Vegas.
Ed Racht, chief medical officer for American Medical Response, presented some not-so-crazy futuristic scenarios currently possible with existing consumer technology during the Data & Technology Summit at EMS World Expo 2017 in Las Vegas.
A hospital fire broke out Friday morning in Miryang, killing 37 people and injuring 130 others.
The facilitator of the EMS Agenda 2050 project discussed the dilemma of inspiring innovation while objectively evaluating its effectiveness at the Data & Technology Summit at EMS World Expo in October.
A 15-year-old boy opened fire on his classmates, killing two students and injuring 18 others.
Patients can't know what's life-threatening, the organization maintains.
EMT Mousa Chaban, 31, died from his injuries after his colleague fell asleep at the wheel and collided with another vehicle after running a red light.
The State House is considering new legislation to cover PTSD under workers' compensation for first responders dealing with the opioid crisis and other tragedies.
Honolulu EMS announced that an excess of non-emergency medical calls tie up their resources for real emergencies.
David Wampler, PhD, assistant professor in Emergency Health Sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center, received the Best Research Award.