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Among the victims are the construction workers who have been working on the new hotel for several months.
For women in the emergency services, the welcome hasn't always been warm. Forty years ago it was worse.
Thirteen of the 301 graduates honored their fathers who died in the line of duty.
Learn about one progressive system's approach to opioid abuse in this new video produced by EMS World.
Watch this new trailer for the acclaimed video.
A gunman opened fire in the Oregon district of Dayton early Sunday morning.
Police shot and killed one gunman and are on the hunt for a second suspect of the shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival.
Members of the Cal Fire Department recount their experiences during the deadliest wildfire in California's history.
The EPIC project trained EMS agencies across Arizona on current evidence-based TBI guidelines and studied their effect. Results were remarkable.
EMS Garage's Chris Montera interviews Bobbie Merica on moulage.
"Paramedics are people who we consider lifesavers. But that's not true. We're simply fantastic at making order out of unplanned circumstances."
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