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Patient Care

Patient Video of the Week: Teen with Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing

ReelDx, a pioneer of real-patient video in medical education, and EMS World, have partnered to publish real-patient video case studies designed to educate EMS practitioners.

This week: This 14-year-old patient with Koolen-de-Vries syndrome complained of chest pain and shortness of breath as he was getting out of the shower. The patient is conversant and reports feeling well, but vital signs reveal tachycardia and hypertension.

See the diagnosis and full case at Reel Dx.

The EMS World Prehospital Library will feature one new case weekly. Contributors include providers and teachers from Oregon Health & Science University, Kaiser Permanente, University of Louisville, Yale-New Haven Hospital, and Woodburn Ambulance Company in Woodburn, OR. All cases are produced with full patient consent and stored on the ReelDx HIPAA-compliant platform.

All patients or caregivers involved in ReelDx video cases sign a HIPAA waiver and consent form to give permission to use the videos in medical education and related efforts. Patients and caregivers retain the right to withdraw their consent at any time. All content is stored on a HIPAA-compliant platform.


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