Suicide: A Mother's Grief

Multiple complaints were filed by Broward County, including the costs incurred by the opioid epidemic that are taxing police and EMS agencies.
An initiative connecting the two groups aims to mitigate language barrier issues during emergencies.
The event will raise funds for the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation which provides support to first responders injured on 9/11.
More than 1,000 firefighters will gather to climb 69 flights of stairs for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
The school board voted to allow screened faculty members to carry shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
When a kitten comforted six-year-old Allison Besaw after losing her father in an ambulance crash, she started a non-profit that brings rescue animals to children who have lost family members.
When the town of Davie, Fla., sought to install Stop the Bleed kits alongside AEDs, they went to the source—the town ordinance.
Los Angeles leaders have formed a blue-ribbon panel to determine ways to make schools safer amidst the increasing frequency of school shootings.
The Broward Health Foundation will donate all proceeds to the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and their families.
A roundup of news from around the EMS world.
Meeting survivors reinforces the people side of patient care.
Talk of supplying libraries with Narcan to combat the opioid crisis was blown out of proportion by social media users.
Those who were directly impacted by the event hope it is remembered along with the attack on 9/11.
Evan Travers earned a Life-Saving Award from Learning for Life, which oversees the Fire Explorer program.
Nikolas Cruz posed a dilemma: You can't just kick children out of school because you're afraid of them.