Suicide: A Mother's Grief

On-scene firefighters and bystanders jumped into action when Wayne Caldwell collapsed at a high school softball team.
Bob Bullard performs at monthly benefits to raise money for volunteer EMS agencies and fire departments.
The funds will be used to hire 175 firefighters and paramedics, build 10 fire stations, and replace old fire trucks.
An unknown individual is sending fraudulent donation solicitations for Acme Hose Co. No. 1.
"Thicker Than Smoke" brought stars like Brad Paisley to raise money for a nonprofit supporting first responders impacted by the October 2017 wildfires.
A roundup of the week's most notable and interesting EMS-related media.
Rainbow City Fire Department installed three kits at three different schools in the event of a serious emergency.
Eager kids were shown the ropes of working as emergency personnel.
The event brings police, fire, and EMS personnel together with local community members to enjoy food and entertainment.
Some Baltimore County Council members felt the measure might be too costly.
Since 2010, Friends of Reading Hospital has donated 559 AEDs throughout Berks County.
Nia Wilson, 18, was fatally stabbed by a man at a BART station.
When Linda Fedee, 66, fell unconscious and veered off the highway, three witnesses pulled over to save her.
Melissa Hall, former office manager of Oxford EMS, claims she was fired after reporting the agency's unlawful actions to the city.
A new series examines the EMS career climate in every U.S. state.