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Active Shooter Response Training for Law Enforcement and EMS

The New York State Preparedness Training Center, through a partnership with the National Center for Security & Preparedness at the University at Albany, trains responders on how to collaborate, respond to and end an active shooter or aggressive deadly behavior incident.

Using scenario-based training, instructors teach law enforcement how to respond to and quickly end a situation involving an active shooter.

By integrating EMS providers into the training, these first responders learn scene management skills, how to work closely with law enforcement in complex attacks and the latest tactical emergency casualty care techniques.

Utilizing world-class training resources, including the ‘CityScape’ simulations complex, students get the opportunity to train in real-world situations and realistic environments such as retail stores, businesses, city-style apartments, a shopping mall and a high school, that require teamwork, quick judgment and decision-making skills to successfully respond to and recover from such an attack.

The State Preparedness Training Center offers a variety of active shooter or aggressive deadly behavior based training courses annually.

For more information on the State Preparedness Training Center, visit the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services website at

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