App Assists Manitoba Paramedics

When documenting a controlled substance in an ePCR, questions prompt medics to verify their identity.
Bystanders trained in CPR can help someone nearby who is in cardiac arrest or experiencing a heart attack.
The app is designed to instruct bystanders how to act in an emergency and provides medical supplies.
The health care information technology company has been recognized for the first time in the ranking of top U.S. mid-sized employers to work for.
A Geographic Information System class intends to create a mapping system for the two groups to utilize based on data such as call response time and fire locations.
The platform offers streamlined tracking and management of all components of continuing education and recertification.
Hyperion is the industry’s first smart, camera-based dual object detection system, combining lane change assistance and blind spot detection.
Priority Dispatch recognizes RapidDeploy for its dynamic, customizable interface and commitment to the public safety community.
The Pulsara mobile platform connects EMS providers with hospitals for streamlined communication.
A new feature for TripTix ePCR enables EMS agencies to complete protocol-based patient incident reports 90 percent faster than previous versions.
The text-to-911 service will be especially useful for those who are deaf or in domestic violence situations.
The e-book highlights ten helpful mobile apps for firefighters and EMS personnel.
AlertSense provides government entities the ability to communicate important emergency information in more than one language.
Agencies should review the strength of their cybersecurity as major cities like Baltimore and Atlanta have been compromised by hackers demanding ransoms.
The Pennsylvania Overdose Information Network connects law enforcement with medical professionals for real-time data sharing on overdose-related information.