App Assists Manitoba Paramedics

The app teaches “Stop the Bleed” skills that can help prevent 30,000 deaths a year.
Parents are purchasing ballistic inserts for backpacks to boost their children's safety in the event of a school shooting.
The My Cardiac Coach app scores players by how well CPR is performed, including whether they delivered chest compressions at the correct rate and depth.
The app alerts bystanders of nearby cardiac arrest patients in need of CPR and an AED.
San Diego Health Connect is doing everything we hoped health information exchanges could do. 
The upgraded 9-1-1 system will improve location identification and allow witnesses of emergencies to send photos or videos to dispatchers.
Android Emergency Location Service sends a caller's exact location from an Android headset to dispatch centers.
Twiage is an app that connects EMS providers with emergency physicians to speak en route to the hospital while entering vital information about the patient they are treating.
JVCKENWOOD will be featuring new products at the IWCE 2018 event which will celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the introduction of NEXEDGE digital radio technology in North America.
The communications platform was honored in the category of Mobile Healthcare Innovation.
FuelER helps first responders track fuel usage on their mobile devices for each apparatus used by their department.
The new company will be named Juvare and operate as an independent company following the close of the Intermedix healthcare division sale to R1 RCM Inc.
R1 RCM Inc., a revenue cycle management provider, will now be able to provide its services to Intermedix, including its EMS and physician division.
Kari's Law eliminates the need for any additional digits to initiate a 9-1-1 call on multi-line phones.
Continuum® Earth provides a navigable map for public safety agencies to view live camera feeds, unit location, public transit, incidents and more during events.