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New Orleans EMS Chief Ken Bouvier Retires on Mardi Gras

Ken Bouvier has worked in emergency services in New Orleans for 44 years and served as chief of EMS for 35 years. He issued the following letter for release:

To All,


When I joined the Westwego Volunteer Fire Department in 1975, I had no idea that emergency response would become my career.


Since then it has been a pleasure to serve in both private and municipal governments for the past 44 years.


I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge of EMS all over the world.


One of the greatest rewards of my career has been the opportunity to help those who couldn't help themselves. 


Whether it was extinguishing a fire, performing a rescue, managing a haz-mat incident or rendering emergency medical care, I always tried to do my best!


Another reward of this great career was getting to know and make new friends all over the world.


To those who I have worked side by side with in EMS, Law Enforcement, Fire and in the hospitals, I'm going to miss you the most! Thank you for your friendships!


To New Orleans EMS, as you continue to serve the residents and visitors of our city please remember to help mentor and develop our young EMS providers so we can continue to deliver great patient care. I hope I live a long life to watch EMS continue to grow in both patient care and technology. 


I'd like to thank my wife and family for always supporting me throughout my career. I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time with you.



Ken Bouvier -NRP

Deputy Chief (Retired)

New Orleans EMS



Submitted byFireman1954 on 03/06/2019

Thanks for the many years of service. Congratulations on your retirement and i will see you at the conferences. New Orleans lost a Great leader but I know you will stay busy. Call when you have a chance. 228-365-1855. Tony

Submitted bycs2670 on 03/06/2019

Congrats Ken from your friends Zach and Carol Shuman from Savannah Ga. When you and Zach got toghther you would gather a crowd due to both of your accents!! Enjoy retirrment!!

Submitted byskeems1 on 03/10/2019

Ken, thanks for your years of service not only on the street but also as an educator in the classroom. Though I haven’t see you in many years, I’ll always consider you my friend!
Sandy from WIsconsin

Submitted byjohnparken on 03/14/2019

Even in a profession as giving, supportive, and forward-looking as EMS, Ken truly stands out. He is an incredibly capable manager and administrator, he is an always-willing and effective mentor, and a born leader. Ken always treats everyone like his long-lost best friend and yet he means it sincerely. He is a dynamic, capable, and informative speaker and educator.

Ken, I never worked under your command (or even in your state) but your eagerness, generosity, and wisdom whenever we have met across the county have made me a better Medic and a better person. Thank you, sir, for sharing so much with so many of us. Godspeed and pleasant experiences!

/s/ John Parken, JD, NRP

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