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EMS World Expo 2019 Clinical Challenge: ALS Debrief

This video reviews the objectives and performance expectations for the 2019 EMS World Expo Clinical Challenge ALS case scenario (involving a patient with an inferior STEMI with right ventricular involvement) from October's show in New Orleans. 

The EMS World Clinical Challenge is a clinical competition where teams of two respond to challenging scenarios that test clinical knowledge, critical thinking skills, teamwork, communication, and situational awareness. Teams participate in either an ALS or BLS track, depending on their level of certification. A panel of judges evaluates their performance and provides feedback.

Each Clinical Challenge participant receives a limited-edition challenge coin. The top three teams from each track advance to the finals. The winning team from each track receives an official award medal and prize:

1st Place: Travel, lodging, and registration to an international EMS conference in 2020 (value: $3,000). Location to be announced.

2nd/3rd Place: Apple iPad (value: $350).

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