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The SCCAD Vaccination Program in Action

It’s been an exciting week at St. Charles County Ambulance District (SCCAD) in Missouri. SCCAD received 975 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine January 26, and launched its first responder vaccination operation.

Paramedics, police officers and firefighters throughout St. Charles County can sign up for a time slot, and the program is being operated out of a no-longer-used EMS station.

More than 50 paramedics volunteered to serve as vaccinators—they received their first shot from the Public Health Department in late December 2020. In addition to helping with the SCCAD operation, they are assisting with administering at larger public health vaccination events.

SCCAD was able to sign up through the state of Missouri to be its own vaccination site, meaning the doses received are completely independent of those shipped to the health department.

EMS World thanks Kyle Gaines, SCCAD Director of Community Relations, for this look inside the vaccination program.

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