Drones Posing Dangerous Risks to First Responders

Zinwave is on a mission to improve in-building coverage so first responders can enhance interagency communications.
When a firefighter is struck at an accident scene, his colleagues quickly switch gears. 
So far in 2018, there have been 891 fires in comparison to 853 fires in all of 2017.
Bulldog will represent Braun in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for new ambulance sales.
The new system provides dispatching for six cities and interoperability for multiple agencies.
High school students played the victims of a mass shooting to help police, fire, and EMS personnel practice their incident response skills.
The technology pinpoints the location of gunshots and notifies law enforcement to stop active shooters earlier.
One woman is dead and a young girl is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire outside a restaurant Sunday night.
Recent local incidents inspired the need to provide better protection for Hopkinton medics, EMTs and firefighters.
Hikers found Angela Hernandez alive on the shore 7 days after plummeting 200 feet from a cliff.
TCAD paramedics responded to Table Rock Lake for a capsized watercraft that left 17 dead.
Rescue crews are still searching for victims after heavy gusts of wind caused a duck boat to flip over.
County Ambulance agreed to the settlement after submitting false claims to Medicare to pay an employee's salary and benefits.
Jamison Peevyhouse, ENP, the new president of NENA, urges emergency dispatch personnel to commit to the mission of improving the 9-1-1 community.
Tupelo Fire Department will use the grant to install advanced source capture exhaust systems to mitigate the adverse effects of diesel exhaust fumes.