EMS World Expo 2017 Opening Ceremonies: NAEMT/Nasco Paramedic of the Year Award

David Wampler, PhD, assistant professor in Emergency Health Sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center, received the Best Research Award.
Paramedic Terry Bottjen of Faith, S.D. received the 2017 NAEMT/Nasco Paramedic of the Year Award.
U.S. Army Sergeant Jacob Ponczkowski was presented with the 2017 NAEMT/North American Rescue Military Medic of the Year Award.
Ginny Renkiewicz, a paramedic from Fayetteville, N.C., received the 2017 NAEMT/Jones & Bartlett Learning EMS Educator of the Year Award.
NAEMT President Dennis Rowe presented EMT Ryan Houser with the 2017 NAEMT/Braun Industries EMT of the Year Award.
Greenlawn Fire Department and EMS of Greenlawn, NY was the recipient of the 2017 Volunteer EMS Service of the Year Award.
Allina Health EMS of St. Paul, Minnesota is announced as the winner of the 2017 Dick Ferneau Career EMS Service of the Year award.
The winner and honorable mentions will present at the Urgent Matter Annual Meeting hosted by the American College of Emergency Physicians at the 2017 Scientific Assembly in Washington, D.C.
Julie Lahr, a community paramedic for Williamson County EMS of Tex., received the Dynarex First Responder Caring Award at EMS World Expo on Oct. 18.
Allina Health EMS was honored by NAEMT and EMS World with the Dick Ferneau Career EMS Service of the Year Award.
The mission of this program is to honor an EMS educator who consistently demonstrates his/her commitment to providing high quality simulations
The program is designed to enhance the patient’s experience of care, preserve EMS and emergency department resources for higher acuity requests, and reduce overall healthcare expenditures
The process involves meeting nationally established accreditation standards, peer review, and approval by the CAAHEP Board of Directors
The Scholarship is awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to enhance, promote and develop a culture of safety within their work environment