ACEP Takes Aim at Anthem's New ED Policy

Allegany County EMS will use the grant to cover the cost of naloxone doses.
Treating patients through Mount Carmel's Hospital at Home program only costs one-sixth of the cost of hospitalization.
Bluefield Fire Department's previous AEDs were ten years old.
The federal government hired Optum to provide free medical services to people enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program.
EMS data estimates the public health burden of the opioid epidemic and can help identify prevention and resolution strategies.
Middletown's Quick Response Team includes a paramedic/firefighter, nurse, and social worker who connect patients with treatment resources.
Conway Fire Department received the Fire/EMS Service of the Year Award at the 2018 Arkansas EMT Association conference.
In the event of an emergency, medical ID bracelets provide vital information to first responders.
Opioid overdose rates have declined by nearly 50% with more civilians and first responders carrying Narcan.
The island hospital will have the strict hurricane design specifications used by Miami-Dade County in Florida.
What should you know to provide the best care for these vulnerable populations?
Good care requires identifying the cause of a patient’s shock—ultrasound can help.
Murrysville Medic One has met the AHA's Mission: Lifeline criteria the last two years.
St. Charles County Ambulance District increased cardiac arrest survival rates with their cardio-cerebral resuscitation protocols.
It was Britt Miller's first time in 17 years coaching a woman through the delivery of her grandchild.