ACEP Takes Aim at Anthem's New ED Policy

ACEP Takes Aim at Anthem's New ED Policy

Video Jan 22, 2018

With a lighthearted new video, the American College of Emergency Physicians is striking back at a new Anthem policy on paying for patients' ED visits that ACEP calls unfair and potentially illegal.

Under the Anthem policy, effective in several states, the insurer may not cover ED visits for conditions it decides are nonemergent. It will review clients' diagnoses after their visit to make that determination. 

In ACEP's video, three patients present with stomach aches—which one has simple diarrhea, it asks, and which may have a life-threatening leaking abdominal aortic aneurysm? The point is, a prudent layperson can't tell. 

Exceptions to Anthem's new policy include ED visits for policyholders under age 14, patients referred by physicians to the ED, those without access to urgent care, and those on Sundays and holidays when alternative facilities may be closed.

Read more on the issue from ACEP here

That was the total spent in South Carolina in 2016 on overdose admissions and ED visits.
Their bill would deny contracts and tax breaks to insurers who deny claims for nonemergency visits.

Capt. Skyler Phillips, EMT-P, of the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Fire Department, presented a session with personal meaning during the EMS Today conference Feb. 22 in Charlotte, N.C.

The agency reported 28 people have been infected with salmonella in 20 states, with 11 hospitalized.
This year's hasn't been very effective, particularly against the dangerous H3N2 strain.
Austin company Invisible Fence is donating 42 specialized kits for 'Love Your Pet Day.'
The need for the program was identified after the Pulse nightclub shooting, when multiple consulates contacted the hospital to see if any of their nationals were victims of the attack.
After the flu claimed its fourth pediatric victim in New York City, officials are urging parents to vaccinate their children.
New medicines to fight heart disease and updated guidelines for strokes and high blood pressure are among the top heart disease and stroke advances in 2017.
If an AED fails to restore a patient's normal heart rhythm, EMS personnel call an ECPR alert to the hospital, where cardiologists prepare for treatment.
Hennepin County Medical Center and Regions Hospital have emerged as pioneers in its treatment.
Protesters took to downtown Olympia streets after the death; one person was arrested.
EMTs' CPR also credited; the victim has now made a full recovery.
To protect the population from this severe flu season, visitors under the age of 16 aren't allowed and patients can't have more than two healthy visitors at once.

Feb. 05—Both teams won Monday.

Lt. David Cira and his FDNY EMS team saved a Houston Rockets staffer after getting a call for a person suffering chest pains and dashing from their lower Manhattan station to render aid.

Cira, 38, and two colleagues found the situation was direr than the NBA team thought when they called for help around 11:30 a.m. The man was unconscious near the foul line inside a Basketball City gym off the FDR Drive near Montgomery St.—and the players didn't seem to be aware he'd gone into cardiac arrest.