Israeli and Palestinian Medics Work Together for Common Mission

The Asian city-state has fielded ambulance services for more than 100 years.
First responders are struggling to reach victims due to mud and lava flow blocking entry to many homes.
The Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba face distinct challenges in offering emergency care.
Alex Minassian, 25, is in custody after mowing down dozens of people in the busy streets of Toronto.
A 48-year-old man drove his van through a crowd of people dining outdoors in Munster, injuring at least 20 and killing three others before shooting and killing himself.
The country’s EMS dates to the 1880s but is being reshaped by current challenges.
To them, there are no borders in EMS—only the shared mission to save lives.
EMS in Poland is enjoying an expanding scope and increased independence.
The driver injured 19 people after speeding through a crowd of shoppers, an attack police are calling deliberate.
Five students were killed when a train plowed through their school bus Thursday.
Hero Ambulance provides mostly free services to patients who are mostly children. 
As rescue operations continue in the devastated countries, the death toll surpasses 500 and thousands of others are injured.
Over 100 paramedics protested in the capital because of unsatisfactory working conditions and salaries.
Search and rescue teams from all over the world traveled to Mexico City to help find survivors trapped in the rubble since Tuesday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

A  7.1-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday leveled buildings, homes, and government centers across the city. At one partially flattened school, the hunt for dozens of missing children captivated the nation.