Fla. School Shooting Claims 17 Lives

The Austin "serial" bombing suspect blew himself up on the side of a highway as a S.W.A.T. team closed in on him.
Thanks to the quick actions of school resource officer Deputy Blaine Gaskill, the 17-year-old gunman was stopped before he could hurt others.
When a teenager became stuck 350 feet below the earth's surface, San Antonio Fire Department's technical rescue team was well-prepared for the operation.
Nine others were injured and transported to hospitals, but authorities say they don't expect to find any other survivors.
Rescue crews are working to find victims trapped underneath a pedestrian bridge that has collapsed at Florida International University.
Separate radio systems and dispatch centers used by the two responding police departments caused miscommunications between officers.
Their data is useful in daily care but can be even more so when crisis occurs.
Daviess County police are now training to provide force protection for paramedics and firefighters in the event of an active shooter incident.
The form will help standardize definitions and data collection of patient overdoses and highlight first responders' safety.
A helpful tool from HHS uses Medicare data to help map these vulnerable citizens.
Sonoma County leaders will be more efficient in warning the public during a disaster after many residents were not alerted to the October wildfires.
Shooter Nikolas Cruz reportedly pulled the school fire alarm so he could fire at unsuspecting students as they evacuated the building.
The Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Health Award recognizes MedEx for providing risk management and safety programs and tools for employees.
Exeter Fire Department received a $6K "EMS in the Warm Zone" grant from New Hampshire Homeland Security which included four sets of ballistic vests, goggles, helmets, and rescue bags.
The 6-year-old girl was only in the water for ten minutes before a firefighter in an ice water rescue suit pulled her to shore.