N.C. Off-Duty Paramedic Saves Woman with Severed Arm

Paid and volunteer police, firefighters, EMTs/paramedics and 911 dispatchers now qualify for a special discount on new vehicles at participating dealers.
San Diego medics filed lawsuits last year for not receiving overtime pay while working 56 hours every week.
Randy Nichols serves as an AMR paramedic, director of education, and fleet mechanic in LaGrange, Georgia.
The National Fire Protection Association reports that sudden cardiac death accounts for about 45 percent of firefighter deaths in comparison to 15 percent in conventional jobs.
Specialized washers for turnout gear, better quality protective hoods, and education are some of the ways fire departments are trying to keep their members cancer-free.
Our rates are high, but a new web intervention may help. 
Muskogee County EMS officers received the Star of Life award from the American Ambulance Association for their professional excellence.
Office manager Sandra Morris Zitterkopf, 57, embezzled monthly fees she collected from taxpayers between September 2015 through August 2016.
The newly renovated museum chronicles the history of EMS in New York City so new students can learn about their roots.
Widmer was selected for his strong entrepreneurial skills.
Aaron White, also nominated as the 2017 Employee of the Year, was recognized for his exceptional care and professionalism.
After Paul Besaw and his partner were killed when a drunk driver collided with their ambulance last year, his family has been sharing their story to prevent other accidents.
CrewCare allows first responders to track their stress and mood and provides them links to mental health support resources.
The Critical Incident Stress Management team is notified when someone requests help or when first responders are called to a scene that might be particularly traumatic.
After participating in the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation charity climb, Jim Busch proposed to Lydia Mazza, another volunteer at his fire department.