Two Injured After Penn. Man Steals, Crashes EMS Vehicle

Johnathan E. Harris, 45, inappropriately touched a paramedic and attempted to strangle her in the back of the ambulance.
A $14M freestanding ED should shorten wait times and help EMS crews depart earlier to return to the field.
Turnover rates are high due to low pay for EMTs and paramedics.
PatientCare Logistics Solutions plans to upgrade EMS technology in the Carthage, Mississippi area.
Grady EMS aims to improve its services with a mobile integrated health vehicle, a pediatric transport vehicle, and inter-hospital transfer vehicles.
A vehicle collided with an ambulance en route to a call, injuring two paramedics and the occupants of the other vehicle.
A driver crashed into an ambulance during a patient transport, causing it to roll over.
Patients are facing bills as high as $30,000 due to balance billing.
Michael Paul was charged with grand theft auto and driving without a license.
Two EMTs and the boy and his friends were treated for minor injuries.
Crew members suffered minor injuries after a box truck crashed into their ambulance while en route to a call.
The legislation makes payment reduction to reflect the proportion of pre-scheduled, non-emergency end-stage renal disease transports.
The woman assaulted the EMS crew and bit two police officers after being treated for a suspected overdose.
The patient was struck by two vehicles after overpowering an EMT and jumping out of the ambulance.
Minnesota agencies are concerned the license will take away from the revenue they receive from their primary-service areas.